Ballarat is a city in Victoria, Australia, and one of the country's largest inland cities. It is well-known for its history and heritage.  It is approximately 105 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, with an urban population of 88,437people.

Gold was discovered near Ballarat in 1851, and the influx of over 10,000 miners in less than a year transformed it from a pastoral town into Victoria's largest settlement. The Victorian gold rush occurred throughout the 1850s and 1860s whilst gold could be readily extracted from the surface. The city's growth slowed after the 1880s and Melbourne quickly overshadowed it in importance. However, Ballarat has endured as a major inland regional centre and tourist destination (with places like Sovereign Hill), having retained much of its Victorian era heritage, a unique culture, and is highly regarded for its grand heritage listed public and private buildings, monuments, statues and expansive gardens.
Ballarat is notable as the site for Australia's only armed civil uprising, referred to as the Eureka Stockade but more correctly titled the Eureka Rebellion, which took place on 3 December 1854. The event, in which 22 miners (eureka diggers) died, is considered a defining moment in Australian history.
Ballarat is home to the largest of a collection of several Avenues of Honour in Victoria. The fifteen kilometre long Ballarat Avenue of Honour consists of a total of approximately 4,000 trees.  Each tree has a bronze plaque dedicated to a soldier from the Ballarat region who enlisted during World War One.
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